The rental fleet covers in excess of 250MVA of low and medium voltage transformers ranging from 230V to 36kV. The majority of transformers are containerized enabling rapid deployment throughout
the world. In addition, Northbridge Transformers has the flexibility to adapt
transformers and switch gear according to specific customer requirements.


Global fleet of rental transformers in excess of 250MVA: Belgium, UK, Dubai and Singapore.

Easily deployed for worldwide project requirements.

Transformers ranging from 630kVA to 20MVA

Voltages ranging from 230V to 36kV, 50Hz and 60Hz, with multi-tap options.

Oil filled transformers (IEC60076) with multiple vector options.

400V – 690V and special voltages.

Suitable for step-up and step-down applications.

Supplied in ISO containers fully bunded with save-all bases, to ensure no spillage.

Suitable for International Power Projects:

  • 6.3MVA 400V/11kV & 400V/36kV 20’ containerised transformers.
  • Complete with over current and short circuit protection on the MV breaker plus earth fault protection (IEC60255).
  • Includes MV and LV switchgear (IEC62271).
  • 2 x outgoing MV terminals: 630A.
  • 6 x 2,500A isolators.

Northbridge Transformers has rental fleet located in Europe, Middle East
and Asia with each Northbridge operation able to offer complete
technical support including installation and commissioning.


Medium and Low voltage, up to 6.3MVA / unit.

Voltages up to 36kV

Provided with switch and security devices

Transformer containers can be connected to one another

Available capacity of 250MVA

Medium and Low voltage containers up to 36kV for electric supply substations of an existing plant in case of planned maintenance or emergency requirements.